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Transactional Email Providers

Transactional emails are crucial for businesses, serving as a direct line of communication with users for various purposes, from password resets to order confirmations. There are numerous providers in the market that specialize in sending transactional emails. Below is a brief overview of some of these providers, presented in no specific order. It's important to note that these are merely examples and not endorsements.

Forward Email

  • Ownership: Independently owned by US company Forward Email LLC
  • Overview: Forward Email is the only 100% open-source email encrypted email service. It supports unlimited domains and aliases for no extra cost. It uses quantum safe ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption and offers SMTP, IMAP, POP3, email webhooks, email regular expressions, email API, MX relay, SMTP relay, dedicated SMTP servers, IP reputation monitoring, email DKIM signatures, free email forwarding, and lets you send emails with JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, Python, and more. They are active on GitHub at


  • Ownership: Acquired by Twilio.
  • Overview: SendGrid offers a cloud-based solution to send transactional and marketing emails. With a comprehensive set of features, it's a popular choice among businesses of all sizes.


  • Ownership: A subsidiary of Sinch.
  • Overview: Mailgun provides powerful APIs for sending, receiving, and tracking emails. It's designed for developers and offers flexibility in integrating email functionalities into applications.

AWS SES (Simple Email Service)

  • Ownership: Operated by Amazon Web Services.
  • Overview: Known for its cost-effectiveness, AWS SES is a scalable solution for sending transactional, marketing, or mass emails. However, its setup might be a bit intricate for those unfamiliar with AWS.


  • Ownership: YC company.
  • Overview: Resend acts as a user-friendly interface layer on top of AWS SES. For those who find the direct SES setup daunting, Resend offers a more intuitive experience while leveraging the power and cost benefits of SES.


  • Ownership: Acquired by ActiveCampaign.
  • Overview: Postmark prides itself on its high delivery rates. It's designed exclusively for sending transactional emails, ensuring timely and reliable delivery.

When choosing a transactional email provider, it's essential to consider factors like delivery rates, cost, scalability, and ease of use. The right choice will depend on individual business needs and technical expertise.